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How We Created the 3-D Effect for our 2016 Row by Row Experience Row

This is how we created the three dimensional effect (quilt hanging from machine, and My Happy Place wall hanging)  on our 2016 Row By Row Experience Sample, "My Happy Place".   These are optional instructions if you would like to recreate this 3D effect.   These are not the complete instructions on how to make our row.  You will need the pattern for our row, which you can pick up in-store thru September 6, 2016 (or pre-order and it will ship November 1st)

This is a view of our row with three-dimensional items: the quilt hanging from the machine, and the My Happy Place Wall Hanging.  The top view is the KIT version (with image of woman on left, which is included in our kit).   The bottom version is the FREE PATTERN version, with quilt blocks on either side.

Kit Version:
Kit version of our Row
Free Pattern Version:  (or - if you have our kit and prefer quilt blocks on either side, use our printed fabric Stash Lady for a tote, wall hanging, whatever!

Free Pattern version


(again, this is not our row pattern - you will need our row pattern in conjunction with these optional instructions.)

* ALL SEAMS 1/4" *

Instructions to make the “MY HAPPY PLACE QUILT” that goes  above the thread spools.

Cut 4" x  4 1/2" yellow - front
Cut 5 1/2" x 6" yellow -  back

Cut (2) 1" x 4 1/2" Row By Row “Home Sweet Home” striped fabric - sides
Cut (2) 1" x 5" Row by Row Home Sweet Home” striped fabric - top and bottom

With right sides together, stitch side borders to yellow front.   Press into stripe.  Add top and bottom Border fabric the same way.   We suggest applying fusible stabilizer to the back side of the piece.   Trace letters to front of quilt to make stitching easier.   Triple-stitch with sewing machine, or hand-embroider the letters.   With right sides together, stitch front to back.   Leave a 2” opening on bottom to turn quilt.   Turn quilt and press.  Hand-stitch opening.  Attach to row in spot for quilt.   You can stitch in place or, if a wallhanging, just pin to back.  Remember to save room at top for mini-clothespins.

Instructions to make the “4-PATCH QUILT” that hangs from sewing machine.
Cut (2) 1 3/4” Squares from each color.

Alternate squares and make a 4-patch.  Measure and cut a backing just  1/4” larger than front.  With right sides together, stitch front to back leaving a 1/4” opening for turning.  Turn & press.  Do not stitch opening closed.   With right sides together, center quilt where the sewing machine needle would be.   ** AT THIS POINT YOU WILL MAKE THE PRESSER FOOT, BELOW.  YOU WILL BE STITCHING THE FOOT AND QUILT TO ROW AT THE SAME TIME **

Instructions to make the “PRESSER FOOT” that sticks out from machine.
Silver fabric (we used Therma-Flec heat resistant fabric):  Cut (2) pieces 1/2” x 3/4”
Heat N’ Bond Heavy: Cut (1) piece 1/2”x 3/4”

With wrong sides together, fuse both pieces of silver fabric with fusible web, to form the shape of a presser foot.  On one of the 1/2” sides, curl the end up to look like a presser foot.   Leaving 1/8” on each side, cut a 1/4” piece out of the center.   Make sure to leave the back half intact.    You will need to stitch that piece in between the 3-D quilt and machine, so that when it is flipped down the foot will be on top of the quilt.   Be careful to center the foot where the needle should be.  

Now, stitch the quilt and sewing machine foot to row at same time.   Stitch sewing machine foot and wrong side of quilt to sewing machine base at the top edge.  Flip back down, and it will appear as if the quilt is being top-stitched, by a 3-D presser foot!

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